Research Overview


Building Ventilation and Diagnostics
  Understanding Thermal Stratification in Naturally-Ventilated Buildings
  Ventilation Shaft Modeling
  System Identification and Optimal Control for Mixed-Mode Cooling
  Ventilation Control Strategies
  Electric Metering and Diagnostics
  Simulation of HVAC System Performance
  Fault Detection in Rooftop Cooling Equipment by Power Signature Analysis (pdf)
  Study of Natural Ventilation Design by Integrating the Multi-zone Model with CFD Simulation (pdf)
  Analysis of Strategies for Improving Building Energy Efficiency in Norway (pdf)
Building Energy Studies
  Assessing Energy-Saving Potential of Different Roof Systems
  Infrared Thermography for the Comparison of Building Energy Envelope Performance in Residential Homes
  MIT Design Advisor: simulation tool to evaluate the performance of advanced building facade systems
  International Studies
  Energy Conservation in Office Equipment and Lighting
Building Materials and Construction
  New Insulation for Retrofitting Existing Buildings
  Composite Materials for Building Envelopes
  Advanced Thermal Insulations
  Thermal Insulation for Developing Countries
  Sustainable Building Construction Methods for Latter-stage Slum Improvement
  Center for Sustainable Materials and Building Envelopes
  Three-dimensional Fiber Textile Composites for Use in Construction
  Natural Fiber Reinforcement of Large-Scale Composite Polymer Panels
  Impact Resistant Composite Exterior Wall Panels
  Self-healing Fiber Air/vapor Barrier
  Smart Fiber Structural Monitoring
Evaluation of Sustainable Options
  Options Valuation of Architectural Flexibility: A case study of the option to convert to office space
  Daylighting Design
  Daylighting Technology
  Daylighting Performance
  Experimental Lab
  Limit Analysis of Masonry Structures
  Structural Form-Finding
  Guastavino Vaulting
  Seismic Assessment of Unreinforced Masonry
  Material Flow Analysis of Concrete

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