Previous Research

Indoor Air Quality, Building Ventilation, and Building Environment Modeling
  A Particle Model for Large Eddy Simulation
  Large Eddy Simulation of Airflow In and Around Buildings
  Design Analysis for Single-sided Ventilation
  A New Turbulence Model for Airflow Prediction in a Room
  Building Material Emissions and Indoor Air Quality
  Modeling Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Sorption on Building Materials
  Modeling Contaminant Exposure and Indoor Air Quality in a Single-family House
  Design Guidelines for Displacement Ventilation
  Floor-supply Displacement Ventilation
  Indoor Air Quality in Ice Rinks
  Simplified Methods for Indoor Environment Modeling
  Graphical Interface for Indoor Environment Design
Sustainable Building Design
  Alliance for Global Sustainability
  Sustainable Housing for China

Building Ventilation and Diagnostics

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