The Building Technology Program offers two main degree programs:

Master of Science in Building Technology (SMBT)

Doctor of Philosophy in Building Technology (PhD)


The Building Technology Program also offers:

Bachelor of Science in Arts and Design (BSAD)

Master of Science in Architecture (SMArchS)


Advanced Degrees in Related Fields

Students may earn a degree in an engineering or science discipline while performing research under the direction of Building Technology faculty. These students must fulfill the course requirements of their home department. Students from Civil and Mechanical Engineering and from the Technology and Policy Program have participated in Building Technology research projects in this way.

Some students have elected to complete the degree requirements for both the S.M. in Building Technology and an S.M. in another discipline and have earned two degrees; this requires substantial course work and a thesis acceptable to both disciplines.

Students already holding a professional architecture degree may apply to the S.M. in Architectural Studies program and specify a concentration in building technology; students seeking a professional architecture degree may apply to the Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program and focus on building technology via required and elective courses as well as a thesis topic; and students may apply for admission to both the Masters of Architecture and Building Technology Programs.

Students admitted to both programs will join each in sequence rather than simultaneously, completing the degree requirements of one before beginning the other; the S.M. in Building Technology and M.Arch degrees cannot be awarded simultaneously due to the demands of the S.M. in Building Technology thesis research and architectural design studio.





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